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We want you!  Women are the most powerful economic force in America.  Through USWCC | Advocacy Force we leverage the power of our position to make impact in Washington, DC and in regional government.

Participation is simple:

  1. Register your interest below using our convenient online form.
  2. The USWCC will keep you posted on important issues so you can outreach to your elected officials to make our views known.
  3. We'll invite you to the USWCC | Advocacy Force community should you like to interact with other supporters.
  4. We'll provide you with opportunities to spread the word to your friends and associates to build our voice stronger and stronger.

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Thank you for your support.  Everything we do is for you.  You might like to read more about the USWCC and how independent we are -- keeping our voice pure of external corporate and political inflence.

Margot Dorfman, CEO
U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce

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